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89 questions kids ask about robots with answers

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Can robots really cook food? And will it clean the kitchen after we eat?

A 7 yo was asking his father and the father was desperately looking for some devine help in addition to all his genius to answer the question in a way so it does not bring follow-up questions.

Preschoolers and school going kids are creative curious. Let them ask questions.

Majority of the children are at their best level of curiosity and imagination for topics like……

  • Robots
  • Space
  • Dinosaurs

With that incident we started looking for children and parents who talk frequently about robots and robotics and try to prepare a comprehensive list of interesting questions kids normally ask about robots and robotics.

Here are 89 questions about robots and robotics that your kids may ask you. Or you too can ask to your kids to build a conversation about robotics. This should be a great supportive read to Robotics for kids – a complete guide for parents and teachers.

Q 1. What is a robot?
A robot is like a cool, smart machine that can do tasks all by itself. It’s like a helper without a heartbeat!

Q 2. Can robots have feelings?
Nope, robots don’t have feelings. They’re more like super good listeners and doers.

Q 3. Do robots eat food?
Nah, robots don’t snack. They get their energy from batteries and electricity.

Q 4. How do robots talk?
Robots can talk with beeps, boops, and sometimes even with voices like funny computer friends. They use speakers to say what they want to say.

Q 5. Can robots be friends?
Robots can be good helpers in doing things, but they don’t feel emotions like us.

Q 6. Can a robot do everything?
Robots are awesome, but they have their special talents. They can’t do everything, but what they can do, they rock at!

Q 7. Can robots play games?
Totally! Robots can play games like chess, table tennis, basket ball, hide-and-seek (but they’re not the best hiders!), and even dance games.

Q 8. How do robots know where to go?
Robots use their cameras and sensors to see and understand where they are.

Q 9. Can robots be superheroes?
Robots can be like mini superheroes in some jobs, but they don’t wear capes or fly like in comics.

Q 10. How are robots made?
Clever people called engineers, designers and programmers make robots. They use metal, circuits, and computer coding to bring robots to life!

Q 11. Can robots think like humans?
Robots are super smart, but they don’t think like humans do.

Q 12. Can robots do homework?
Sure thing, robots can help with homework.

Q 13. Do robots make mistakes?
Yep, even robots goof up sometimes. But guess what? They learn from those oopsies!

Q 14. Can robots build other robots?
Imagine a robot making a robot friend! It’s like robot magic, and yes, robots can help build other robots.

Q 15. How do robots understand different languages?
Robots have special ears called microphones and smart brains that learn words in different languages. Talk to them, and they’ll try to understand!

Q 16. Can robots feel pain?
Nope, robots don’t feel pain like we do. They’re made of tough stuff and don’t ouchie like us.

Q 17. Are there robot animals?
There are robot dogs, cats, and even fish that swim without water. They’re like pets from a futuristic world!

Q 18. How do robots learn new things?
Robots learn by practicing and using their super memory. They’re like brainy students who never forget.

Q 19. Can robots wear clothes?
Some robots wear special coverings to protect them or help them do jobs. But they don’t need fashion shows!

Q 20. Do robots have families?
Robots don’t have families like us, but they can have robot friends that they work and play with!

Q 21. Can robots play with toys?
Robots might not play with toys the way we do, but they have their own special games that they love.

Q 22. How do robots see things?
Robots have eyes called cameras that help them see like superheroes with super-vision goggles!

Q 23. Can robots dance?
You bet! Robots can break out some funky moves and boogie down like dance floor champs.

Q 24. Can robots get wet?
Most robots don’t like getting wet, but some can handle a little splash sometimes.

Q 25. Do robots get tired?
Robots are like the Energizer Bunny – they keep going and going without needing naps!

Q 26. How do robots know what to do?
Robots are super smart because they have instructions and programs that tell them exactly what to do, like a list of fun tasks.

Q 27. Can robots talk to animals?
Robots use their beeps, boops, and lights to communicate, but animals might not always understand them. They’re like robot chatterboxes!

Q 28. Can robots have pets?
Robots don’t feel love like humans do, but they can pretend to have pet-like friends. Maybe robot and pet adventures together?

Q 29. Will robots take over the world?
Nope, robots are our helpful pals, not world rulers. They’re like high-tech sidekicks!

Q 30. Can robots feel happy or sad?
Robots don’t feel emotions like humans do, but they can show happiness or sadness with lights and sounds.

Q 31. Are there robot doctors?
Yes, robot doctors called “surgical robots” help human doctors with tricky surgeries.

Q 32. Can robots dream?
Robots don’t sleep, so they can’t dream like us.

Q 33. How do robots move without legs?
Some robots roll like cool skateboarders, others have wheels, and some even fly like magical drones!

Q 34. Can robots build houses?
Yep, robots can help build houses, and they’re like speedy construction wizards with tools.

Q 35. Are there robots in space?
Absolutely! Robots like satellites and rovers explore space and send us awesome space selfies.

Q 36. Can robots do art and create things?
You got it! Robots can make art, design things, and even build amazing structures.

Q 37. Can robots fly like birds?
Some robots are built to fly just like birds, soaring in the sky and exploring the world from above.

Q 38. Can robots take a bath?
Nope, robots don’t need baths like we do. Water can be a bit tricky for them!

Q 39. Do robots have birthdays?
Robots don’t age like us, but we can celebrate the day they were made as a robot’s “birthday.”

Q 40. Can robots sing songs?
Yes, robots can sing songs with their beeps and boops! They’re like musical robots.

Q 41. How do robots learn to be helpful?
Clever engineers teach robots how to be helpful by writing special instructions and programs.

Q 42. Can robots do magic tricks?
Robots can do tricks that look like magic, but they use their tech skills to make the magic happen!

Q 43. Can robots fix broken toys?
Some robots can help fix things.

Q 44. Can robots fall in love?
Nope, robots don’t feel love.

Q 45. Are there robot police officers?
In the future, there might be robot helpers for police officers, but they won’t wear badges or drive police cars like in movies.

Q 46. Can robots be creative and come up with new ideas?
Robots can be creative in their own way. They use special algorithms to generate new ideas and solutions.

Q 47. How do robots recharge their energy?
Just like superheroes at a power station, robots plug in to charge their batteries or get energy from the sun!

Q 48. Are there underwater robots?
You bet! Underwater robots explore oceans and lakes, helping us learn about amazing underwater worlds.

Q 49. Can robots build bridges?
Robots can help with bridge-building, especially in tough or dangerous places where humans might find it tricky.

Q 50. How do robots avoid bumping into things?
Robots have super sensors and cameras that work like their own set of eyes, helping them “see” and dodge obstacles.

Q 51. Can robots help clean the house?
Yes, there are robots designed to help with cleaning tasks.

Q 52. How do robots know when someone needs help?
They might use sensors to detect people or things that need assistance.

Q 53. Can robots plant flowers?
There are robots that can help with planting and gardening tasks.

Q 54. Do robots have special robot schools?
No, robots don’t go to school, but they are designed by smart people.

Q 55. Can robots go to space?
Yes, robots have been sent to space to explore and gather information.

Q 56. Do robots have pets of their own?
No, robots don’t have pets, but some look like animals!

Q 57. Can robots play hide and seek?
Yes, some robots can play simple games like that.

Q 58. How do robots learn to share?
Robots are programmed to work together and share tasks.

Q 59. Can robots fix broken playgrounds?
Robots can be used by people to help fix things, including playgrounds.

Q 60. Do robots get scared of thunderstorms?
No, robots don’t have feelings like fear.

Q 61. Can robots play musical instruments?
Some robots can be programmed to play instruments.

Q 62. How do robots talk to each other?
They might use special signals or codes to communicate.

Q 63. Can robots help take care of babies?
Some robots are designed to assist with baby care tasks.

Q 64. Do robots ever go on vacations?
Robots don’t have feelings, so they don’t go on vacations, but they can be moved to different places!

Q 65. Can robots tell jokes?
Some robots can be programmed to tell jokes, and stories too!

Q 66. Do robots have names?
Some robots have names given to them by their creators or owners.

Q 67. Can robots swim in the ocean?
Yes, there are robots designed to explore the ocean’s depths.

Q 68. How do robots know when it’s time to go to bed?
They might be programmed to recharge when they need energy.

Q 69. Can robots paint pictures?
Yes, some robots have started creating art!

Q 70. How do robots remember things?
They store information in their computer “brains.”

Q 71. Can robots build and repair cars?
Yes, robots help make cars in factories and can assist in repairs.

Q 72. Are there robots that explore other planets?
Yes, rovers have explored Mars, for example.

Q 73. Can robots have different personalities?
They can have different behaviors based on their programming.

Q 74. How do robots make decisions?
They follow instructions in their programming to make decisions.

Q 75. Can robots do art better than humans?
They can create art, but humans add emotions and creativity.

Q 76. Are there robots that help protect the environment?
Yes, robots can help clean up pollution and monitor ecosystems.

Q 77. Can robots feel empathy for humans?
Robots don’t have feelings like humans do, but they can be programmed to respond empathetically.

Q 78. How do robots interact with humans without touching them?
They can use sensors and cameras to “see” and “hear” people.

Q 79. Can robots play sports?
Some robots are designed for specific sports or games.

Q 80. Are there robots that help with farming?
Yes, robots can help with planting and harvesting crops.

Q 81. Can robots perform in movies or shows?
Yes, robots can be programmed to perform in entertainment.

Q 82. How do robots learn new skills?
They are programmed with algorithms that enable them to learn from data.

Q 83. Can robots build a time machine?
Time machines like in movies are not real, so robots can’t build them.

Q 84. Are there robots that study animals and nature?
Yes, robots can help scientists study wildlife and ecosystems.

Q 85. Can robots create their own inventions?
They can generate new ideas through algorithms, but it’s not exactly like human invention.

Q 86.Can robots write stories or books?
Yes, some robots can generate stories using algorithms.

Q 87. How do robots learn from their mistakes?
They use data and programming to improve after making mistakes.

Q 88. Can robots build skyscrapers?
Robots can be used to assist in construction, including skyscrapers.

Q 89. Are there robots that can heal sick people?
There are robots used in medicine, but they can’t heal like humans can.


Children may ask questions based on their interest and exposure. These are just some of the examples. Be prepared for new as well as followup questions.

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Good luck…

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