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About makes DIY robotic toys and creativity toys for people of age 6+

Why do we exist? (Purpose)

To inspire to play, create and perform, to everyone, at all ages.

And what do we do for that? (Mission)

Design helpful, easy and fun toys for masses.

Where are we heading? (Vision)

Ship a billion toys, by 2030.

Let me tell you the story

As a home schooling parent of 2, I have purchased and made a lot of toys for my kids. We have played together, invited mine and their friends too. During this journey I developed a firm belief that toys can teach a lot. Actually if we take the focus away from learning and put emphases on play, create and perform using toys, learning will become a fun journey.

Not just kids, toys can be incredible tools for everyone, to keep creativity alive, off-screen refreshment, and to have a perfect bonding time with one-another.

With that I started designing Havi elements, a range of easy and fun DIY robotic toys. That gives the knowledge of robotics, electronics and STEAM to the kids and adults while they create and having fun.

So here is, a D2C Toy company designing and making toys in India, selling everywhere in the world.

– Prashant Mamtora, Founder & CEO

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Award at BTS 2023

We have won “Best Exhibitor Award” in the category of most interactive & best management booth at Bengaluru Tech Summit 2023.
Click to know our overall experience at Asia’s largest summit.

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