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13 IR Sensor Projects you can do at home or at school

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So now that you know how IR sensor works, let’s create some helpful and fun IR sensor projects.

Material required to make the IR sensor projects:


  • Power Element
  • IR Element pair(IR controller+IR LED with 3 pin cable)
  • Buzzer Element
  • Flip Element


  • Powerbank with USB cable
  • 3-pin cable to connect IR controller and IR LED

Craft material

  • Card board
  • Colored craft papers
  • Scissor & cutter
  • Paper straws
  • Double sided tape
  • Colors & Sketch pens

You can find All these accessories and elements in following robotic kits and toys. You can buy any of these.

Havi DIY Object Sensor Projects Kit

Havi DIY Robotics Starter Kit

Havi DIY Robtoic Toy Car

Let’s begin the creation journey.

The principle behind IR sensor

The IR element, when detects an obstacle, will send a “1” signal to the buzzer and the buzzer will make the sound. We are going to create several projects using this single principle.

So our circuit becomes Power – IR – Buzzer


1. Blind friend’s smart stick

Category: Accessibility

People who are visually impaired (Differently blessed though) fall into trouble when they can’t judge an object coming through their way while walking. So let’s create a smart stick that notifies the friend when an obstacle is nearby.

Use the double sided tape to stick the IR element circuit at the quarter length of the stick. The IR LED should be placed looking forward, as shown in the image.

Turn the power on, and tune the potentiometer so IR sensor detects the object well (Mostly set the potentiometer mark at the center).

And your accessibility device is ready. You have made a positive difference in someone’s life and you should feel proud of this.

2. Touchless doorbell

Category: Smart Home

Concerned about infection post covid while touching the door bell switch? One should. And for that reason, let’s create a touchless door bell.

Place the IR LED in a way so it faces forward and you can create a designer box to house it.

You are done, your touch less doorbell is ready. The guests are not required to touch the bell switch anymore and the bell will ring just by seeing a hand.

3. Fire alarm

Category: Smart Home

In our blog how IR sensor works, we have discussed that IR element can detect fire too. Because fire emits infrared light. Why not to use this characteristics for something good?

Yes, we can use the Power- IR – buzzer element circuit to detect the fire. In case of fire, infrared element will send “1” to the buzzer and buzzer element will make the sound to alert us of a fire.

This is indeed a very useful IR sensor project idea.

Fire alarm
Fire alarm with circuit

4. Music Player

Category: Entertainment

What if you don’t have a music instrument available and still want to generate some rhythm? Obviously you would have “played” the surface of the table, hand-rest of the chair, or even a plate along with a spoon.

That’s fun and we can have equal amount of fun while playing the IR element? Yes, checkout the video and see how fingers, palms and surface is used to get some rhythm out of buzzer. Actually music is generated due to rhythmically hindering the infrared light rays.

Have you ever thought of this application of an IR sensor?

5. Door open-close detector

Category: Smart Home

The door of my room stays behind me while I work. So many a times I don’t realise if someone has come into the space. What to do?

Let’s put the IR sensor near to the door in a way so when someone opens or closes the door, the buzzer will tell me about it.

6. Fitness gadget to perfect the Yog and other exercises postures.

Category: Fitness

One has to bring the forehead near to the knees in Paadhastasan. But when do you know if you have actually done it well? Let’s use the our magical IR sensor circuit. Place the circuit near to the knees and when you bring your forehead near to the knees the buzzer will make the sound!

Use this device to check if the posture is correct while you are doing Yoga or push-ups.

Whohhaaaa…. Your own fitness devices. Start making this IR sensor project now!

7. Smart basketball hoop

Category: Sports

What if the buzzer makes a sound when the ball passes through the goal ring in the game of basketball? Amazing that would be.

So that’s possible and we have put a full post on how to make a smart basketball hoop. Checkout and make it.

8. Remote control tester

Category: Smart home

How many of you (or someone at your home) have knocked the non-working TV remote with hands or a table? There is an easy way to test your TV remote without being frustrated though.

Actually, the TV remote sends infrared signals only. So push the button of your TV remote keeping the remote head pointing towards the IR LEDs.

The buzzer will make the sound if remote actually sends the right signals! So easy, no?

9. Water overflow alarm

Category: Smart home

Whether filling a bucket in the bathroom or the water tank at home, we all have faced an issue of water overflowing and being wasted.

Havi elements help us in saving this precious resource by alarming a buzzer whenever water level crosses a particular level of bucket or tank while filling.

What a sustainably useful IR sensor project. Isn’t it?

How does it work?

The IR sensor does not behave the same way in water.

Water has a tendency to absorb infrared radiation and so the IR sensor may fail to detect it. Not always though.

An object that floats on water is used as a float. This float is attached to our device in such a way that the IR sensor can detect its proximity. As the water level in the bucket or tank rises, the float also rises. When the water level reaches near the IR Sensor, the sensor detects the float and sounds the buzzer, alarming the user that the water is about to get filled.

10. Accident prevention system at hairpin bend zones

Category: Smart city

Let’s explore a common problem which we face while driving on hills particularly at hairpin curves and blind corners. The driver at such curves remain skeptical if a vehicle is arriving from the other end of the corner.

Ever thought of how safer it would be by knowing if there is another vehicle coming from the other side of a blind corner.

We can achieve that with Havi elements’ IR sensor circuit. Can top it up with an LED too. Find here the detailed project specification.

11. Passer by Detector

Category: Smart Home

For those who like to keep the doors of their rooms open as a welcoming gesture for everyone or just for the fresh air to pass. Are you skeptical if someone is entering or passing through your room without your knowledge?

Let’s put the IR sensor near to the door in a way so when someone passes, the buzzer will tell me about it.

All these IR sensor projects you can make with Havi Elements DIY Object Sensor Projects Kit.

For the rest two projects, we will require Flip Element, too. The Flip Element toggles the output received from IR Element. Means, it will send “1” signal to buzzer if there is no object. Flip you see!

The circuit will be as follows:


12. The dozing driver alert mechanism

Category: Smart car

Driving while you are dozing is a dangerous situation. One mistake and it’s a threat on life.

Let’s place the IR LED in on the headrest of the driver’s seat, somewhere near the neckline. Now what will happen if a driver dozes and his (or her) head falls forward? Yes the buzzer will make the sound and that will alert not only driver but fellow passengers too.

DISCLAIMER: This project is explained for learning purpose only and must not be used or relied on in an actual driving condition.

PS: Have you find Flip in video? No? Why still the circuit is working properly? Find out and write in comments.

13. Object lift detector

Category: Smart home

Ever thought of making a device from that movie, which sounds an alarm if someone tries to pick up or steal a precious gem?

With Havi Elements you can make your own object lift detector device.

Just keep your items (like wallet, keys, watch, phones, even chocolates etc.) on the device and if anyone picks it up, it will raise an alarm to inform you that the object is picked from its position.

Isn’t that amazing? So, for which precious object are you going to use your Object Lift Detector?

So, here are your 13 IR sensor based projects. Create all of them and let us know your experience in comments. Keep creating.

ir sensor projects kit

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