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Make a smart basketball hoop using IR element

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Let’s make a smart basketball hoop which makes sound when the “ball” passes the hoop. You can make this creation either using Havi’s DIY robotics kit or Object sensor projects kit.

What do you need?


Power – 1
IR – 1
Buzzer – 1


Power bank
Power cable

Craft material:

Project paper
Paper straw
Transparent adhesive tape

The making

Step 1

Let’s prepare the basketball backboard first. Cut a piece of cardboard or hard paper sheet. Would be great to have a thickness to be at least 2 mm to make it sturdy. The dimensions are provided in the image here.

smart basketball hoop model
Step 2

Pierce the backboard at three places as mentioned in the image above. These are the insertion points of your hoop and IR LEDs. Observe the dimensions carefully.

You can use the compass to make the first hole and then a pencil to pierce a broader hole further.

smart basketball hoop model
Step 3

Now is the time to make the hoop. Draw two circles and a connection strip as provided in the image. And then cut the inner disc out. That makes your hoop.

Get a paper straw and cut the piece of length 2.4 cm out of it.

smart basketball hoop model
Insert the disc strip into this straw piece.

Your straw diameter, disc width, and hole diameter in the backboard must match with each other to keep the grip well.

smart basketball hoop model
Step 4

Get a project paper sheet and do all the folds as provided in the image. Observe the measurements well.

smart basketball hoop model
Interlock the paper folds and it prepares a box. This serves as the stand/ base. Pierce into the middle of it using a compass and pencil so the pole fits well into it.

smart basketball hoop model
smart basketball hoop model
smart basketball hoop model
TIP: You can use a readymade box as well to avoid this step.

Step 5

A paper straw is your pole. Stick the straw using adhesive tape at the back of the board. The other end of the straw goes into the hole of the base.

smart basketball hoop model
Step 6

Now is the time to prepare the circuit as shown here.

smart basketball hoop model
Tune in the IR so it detects the object at around 1.5 to 2 inches.

Step 7

Fix the LEDs into the holes of the backboard. They should fit well and won’t need any adhesive to remain there.

smart basketball hoop model
Step 8

Your smart basketball system with hoop, backboard, pole, and base is ready to play with. Use a small lightweight ball if you have or make a paper ball and start playing.

smart basketball hoop model
Every time the ball passes through the hope, the buzzer will make the sound.

How does it work?

IR sensor element detects Ball as an object and passes the YES signal to the buzzer element. To understand it better, checkout how IR sensor works.

Advantages when implemented in the real world.

The same circuit can be used along with a real-sized basketball hoop. Every goal makes the buzzer sound and brings cheers and excitement amongst the players. This also marks an “audio proof” of the goal.

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