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Careers in Robotics: Discovering Exciting Possibilities

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careers in robotics

Someone asked me, what are the career options if we learn robotics?

I had a detailed discussion with him on this and lately I decided to share the thoughts with the entire community of as well, just for the benefit of all. Since the question seek was a kid, I am writing this addressing that specific age.

First thing first, a few disclaimers.
1. Career options and prospects depend on your age. If you are 25 the options are different for you, if you are 8, the same options might not work for you. So consider this post as a source of inspiration and exploration, not career advice.
2. Wherever I mention the words like engineer or designer I mean the skills, and not the degree. For example an electronics engineer mean someone who can build the circuits using components, and not the one who owns an EC degree but can’t read a resistor’s value. You can acquire skills from anywhere, even by playing with toys.

So now, let’s begin the exploration.

Why Learn About Robotics?

Robotics is like a big puzzle filled with cool gadgets and endless possibilities. It’s about creating, exploring, and solving problems. So, even if you don’t decide to be a “robot builder” when you grow up, the skills you learn with robots will be super useful in many jobs.

Learning Skills that Last a Lifetime

When you play with our DIY robotic starter kit or other robotic toys, you’re not just having fun; you’re also gaining some superpowers:

  • Problem-Solving: Robots sometimes get stuck, but you can figure out how to help them. That’s problem-solving in action!
  • Imagination: You can design your robot’s look and how it moves. It’s like bringing your imagination to life.
  • Teamwork: You can work on robot projects with friends or family. Teamwork is a skill everyone needs.
  • Curiosity: Robots are full of mysteries waiting to be uncovered. Being curious is the first step to discovering new things.

Read Robotics For kids – a complete guide for parents and teachers for more on this.

Let’s explore some of the exciting career paths within the world of robotics. We’ll meet some professionals who make it all happen:

1. Mechanical Engineer – The Machine and Motion Maestro

Meet Krushnadev, the mechanical engineer! He’s the magician behind the movements of robots. Krushnadev designs the physical parts and mechanisms that make robots do their tricks. From grippers that pick up objects to legs that help robots walk, she makes sure everything fits together perfectly.

2. Electronics Engineer – The Brain Builder

Now, say hello to Niyam, the electronics engineer. He’s like the robot’s brain surgeon. Niyam designs the circuits and systems that let robots see, hear, and think, through sensors. He’s responsible for all those blinking lights and buttons that make robots come to life.

3. Software Programmer – The Robot Whisperer

Meet Mitsu, the software programmer. She’s the one who tells robots what to do. Using computer code, Mitsu gives robots their instructions. She’s like a robot teacher, teaching them how to move, talk, and even dance!

4. Embedded Engineer – The Tiny Tech Expert

Sameeksha is our embedded engineer. She works on the tiny, hidden computers that power robots. These computers are like the robot’s secret superpower. Sameeksha makes sure they’re super smart and can process information quickly.

5. Industrial Product Designer – The Robot Stylist

Saloni is an industrial product designer. She makes robots not only smart but also beautiful and user-friendly. She’s in charge of how robots look and feel. Saloni ensures they’re safe and easy to use, even by kids!

6. Data Analytics Engineer – The Number Cruncher
Venu, the data analytics engineer, helps robots learn and get better over time. Venu collects data from robots and turns it into useful information. This helps make robots smarter and more helpful.

7. UI/UX Expert – The User Experience Wizard
And finally, there’s Monisha, our UI/UX expert. She’s all about making robots easy and fun to use. She designs the buttons, screens, and interfaces that you see when you play with robots. Monisha wants to make sure you have a fantastic time while interacting with robots.

These amazing professionals all work together as a team to bring robots and robotic systems to life. They use their skills to make the world a more exciting and efficient place. And who knows, one day, you might become one of these brilliant minds, shaping the future of robotics. Keep playing, creating and performing.

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