Why should you create? The science of creativity

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We at Havi have been asking questions to our 2000+ audience for quite some time now. There would be quizzes, riddles, puzzles, fun questions and sometimes, just random questions.

Recently we have asked a random question. It was “What have you created this year so far?”. The answer ratio dropped to just 4% of the routine answer counts we receive. That was shocking as well as revealing.

Why was it so? As we tried to understand, we found the following four possibilities.

  • People (adults and kids both) did not want to reveal that to us. Hard to digest with the previous patterns though. So ruled out.
  • They could not recollect. Possible? Hard to believe.
  • They have created but were afraid of if they should actually say this “trivial thing”. Fear of being judged to say precisely. Hey boys and girls, chill, we are with you.
  • They have actually not created anything. We feel ruined!

We brainstormed on the scenarios, researched further over internet scholar articles and in books. We have found the following facts about Why we should keep creating and what happens in our brain when we create.

Science behind creativity

  • Brain does have different regions dedicated to different tasks and functions. But the creation process does not have a specific portion. The ideas can happen from any part of the brain.
  • As per the research published in psychology today, Brain has 3 different networks. The default network, executive network and salient network. When you create things, the all three brain networks do communicate and take part in the process

What should you create and what brings creativity

There is no limit to creations. And there’s nothing like some activities bring more creativity and others do less.
It can be painting, craft piece, pottery work, poem, article, sculpture, science projects, robotic creations with Havi toys, a short movie, a photo collage, a paper model, wood work, a piece of code, or anything and everything we can create.

Why should we create?

Creating things helps us in the following ways.

  • The creation process releases more Serotonin hormone which keeps an individual confident and inspires them to go out of their comfort zone.
  • Children, when see others creating new things, get encouraged for analytical thinking, offer new insights and boost creativity.
  • Improves the release of other happy hormones like Dopamine and endorphin in the body which keeps our mood good and the body healthy.
  • Boosts energy level.
  • Improves problem solving skill and execution ability.
  • Keeps the creativity and curiosity intact.

Most importantly, we are already into the creator economy and it’s just the beginning. In future all sorts of Mundane tasks will be delegated to machines and computers (robots). Only the creative tasks will remain for humans. Hence this kids’ generation is in the maximum need of becoming creators and performers then any other generation in the past.

So kids are definitely at the need side, but irrespective of age, keep creating.

How to stay inspired to create?

Just two pieces of advice to keep this post short.

  • Be amongst people who create
  • Engage in pretend plays. Seems kiddish but kids are the most creative people. It’s the system which ruins them.

Creating things shows a hopeful future. So we keep working on our purpose of inspiring to create and perform, to everyone, at all ages.

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