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Remote Car Vs Robot Car – an honest comparison

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remote car vs robotic car

7 out of 10 people ask if this works with a remote control, upon seeing the box of Havi DIY Robotic Car Kit. And we had to explain to them that no sir, this is not a remote control car. This is a kit that allows your kids to build a car themselves and develop 18 different smart car functions. It runs based on your children’s logic and not remote control.

And therefore, a regular RC car can never match the journey, joy, and educational value that the Havi DIY Robot Car provides.

Find the accurate comparison between Remote control car and the Havi DIY Robot Car.

RC Car Havi’s DIY Robotic Car
Comes as ready-to-play car Make it yourself – learn while making
AA battery operated. You have to replace them again and again Comes with a rechargeable power bank
Very limited defined functions Build 18 smart car functions yourself
Control the car sitting on the sofa. No learning outcome Make your function and see it working
Kids’ attachment with the toy is less Kids’ attachment with the toy is more as they themselves make it
Made from plastic Made from eco friendly wooden plates
No understanding of how car works Understand the concept behind how the cars work
Creativity skills are less More creativity
Involvement of family is negligible Family can get involved in making and spend some quality time with kids
Can’t change the color of car Color your car as you like
If one part of car is damaged, the whole car becomes useless If one part of car damaged, you can replace that particular part and the car will be working
Lower engagement Long term engagement
Enhances skills like hand-eye coordination Enhances skills like hand-eye coordination, creativity, curiosity, problem solving, execution etc. Understands how car technologies work.

Enough to get convinced, no?

Here is more. Havi is much cheaper. How come? You ask.

See you buy a remote control car at 1000 rs that goes forward and reverse by remote control. That’s it. Zero learning.

But if you make a robot car yourself and then build 18 car functions like an accident preventive car, an obstacle avoiding car, a parking sensor to the line follower car….. All at 2730.

Can you now compare 2 functions zero learning car at 1000 Vs 18 functions car with huge learning potential, at 2730. You are wise.

Next time if you are gifting someone, gift wisely.

DIY Robotic Car by havi is an unmatched replacement for your car loving kids. Buy it now.

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