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featured.jpg receives award at bts 2023

Humbled to receive the award of best exhibiting company at Bengaluru Tech Summit…!

This week was super busy for the team. We had 3 major events to be part of in two different cities.

1. Hamfest 2023, the annual convention of Ham radio enthusiasts of India.

2. 31st National Children’s Science Congress.

3. Bengaluru Tech Summit, the largest tech show of India.

Hamfest 2023

Hamfest started on Saturday, 25th Nov. Ham radio is a niche segment of radio technology with a community of highly tech savvy people. Being amongst them with Robotic Toys might be challenging, we thought initially.

But people over there were so generous, welcoming and knowledgeable, it felt like our own. Received a lot of love in terms of purchases, feedback and appreciations.

One specific incident would like to share is about Mr T. BALASUBRAMANIAM. He saw the age label of 7 to 100 and bought Havi Elements DIY Object Sensor Projects Kit saying I am just 71. Thank you T. BALASUBRAMANIAM, people like you are the catalysts of this community which loves to play, create and perform. at ham fest india 2023

31st National Children’s Science Congress

Pleased to be a part of 31st National Science Congress, held at science city, Ahmedabad during 30th Nov to 2nd Dec. Positioned in the Robotics zone at the children activity corner, we thoroughly enjoyed interacting with children-teachers across the various districts of Gujarat.

Children experienced the demonstration of DIY robotic smart cars. From circuit making using snap-fit blocks to grasping the functionality of LDR & IR sensors using Havi Elements, children gained insights into the world of robotics. at national children science congress
The one minute quiz challenge using’s riddling cards proved to be a crowd favorite.

Bengaluru Tech Summit 2023

Then we had the largest event of the year, Bengaluru Tech Summit – BTS 2023. BTS is the largest technology event of the country and you see most advanced technologies including robotics, ai and space.

1000+ exhibitors and tens of thousands of tech visitors makes it a perfect place to be for 3 days.

Again a lot of boxes of Havi Elements and Riddling cards were carried proudly by customers, and plenty of to ship now. But for us, the important were that passion and pride we were seeing on everyone’s faces for being a player, creator and performer. at bengaluru tech summit
The surprise was in the last 10 minutes. We summed-up the stall and went to the stage where award function was going on in presence of hundreds of delegates with Mr Priyank Kharge, minister of IT & BT, Prashant Prakash of Accel and other jury and dignitaries on the dais.

Just within 60 seconds of us reaching there they announced the award of Best Exhibitor for their most interactive visitor experience and booth management. And it was

That was a surprise but was very happy!

The best part of this entire experience of BTS comes now.

Apart from friends there were few customers in the audience, recent and even more than a year old customers, they captured photos and shared with us with their wishes. And can’t explain that feeling in words. If our customers are proud of us, what else do we need.

Just gratitude for everyone who have helped so far…!

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