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How to make a Scribble bot (Art bot)

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A scribble bot or art bot is a simple machine that draws on a sheet of paper because of the principle of vibration.

Here we are going to make an easy scribble bot using a small piece of cardboard. However, you can design the body in several ways to make it more attractive.

Find the instructions to make a scribble bot here. This can also be used by schools and teachers as scribble bot lesson plan. In the end, we will also understand how this DIY drawing bot works.

Material required for scribble bot


Power Element – 1
Motor Element – 1


Power bank with USB cable – 1
Gearless motor – 1

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Craft material

Sketch pen of different colors – 4
A piece of glue stick, around 2 cm long
Double-sided tape (DST)
Drawing sheet

Step 1

Take a 10 cm by 10 cm piece of strong cardboard. You can decorate the top of it as per your thoughts and choice.

Step 2

Use the compass to pierce one of the corners of the board. Keep the distance of 2-3 cm from both sides.

Try to make the hole a bit wider with the same compass. Do it carefully.

Do the same three more times for the other three corners and at the end, you will have 4 holes at all four corners.

Step 3

Open the cap of one of the sketch pens and insert the nib into the hole. Widen the hole gradually and insert the sketch pen well into the hole. The board should hold the sketch pen tightly.

Do the same for the remaining 3 sketch pens and holes. The board should stand well with sketch pens as legs, like a table.

Step 4

Make power – motor circuit and connect the power bank with power element and gearless motor with the motor element.

Insert the shaft of the gearless motor into the piece of the glue stick we have. Insert it to full. This is now your scribble bot motor.

Place and stick the scribble bot motor at the center of the cardboard using DST.

Step 5

Your Scribble bot (Art bot) is ready. Take a drawing sheet and stick it on the floor. Place your Art bot on it at the center and turn the power button on. Your scribble bot will start drawing on the sheet in 4 colors.

How does the scribble bot move and work

The art bot is working on the principle of vibration. The piece of glue stick, connected with the gearless motor shaft, works as a load. The motor shaft rotates at speed along with the load.

Due to the load, the motor creates vibration and that vibrates the bot too. The art bot starts moving in random directions with the support of the sketch pen.

This is similar to how a phone makes sounds and moves on the table while it vibrates.

That’s it. Make it yourself now and share your designs with us.

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