How well do you know your father or your child?

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Beta, how well do you know your father? A silly question!
Ok, but fathers, you know your children no? One more, you would have shouted.

But there can be multiple meanings of knowing. And the questions we are going to list further in this blog is going to help you know each other far better, promise!

Communication gap is the serious issue and primary reason between father and children and this fathers’ day we are putting some effort into building communication and conversation.

Here you find 35 interactive questions divided into 2 groups.

  1. Questions to be asked to father by children
  2. Questions to be asked to children by father

There’s a possibility that some of the answers you know, you can skip them or can ask them to affirm. Sit with your father, get a cup of chocolate shake for both of you, have a date with your father by asking and answering the questions..!

Questions children can ask to fathers

  1. What was your age when you got your first cell phone?
  2. With whom have you prepared for your 10th boards? Is he/she still your friend?
  3. Have you been selected in your first job interview? OR how have you sold to your first customer?
  4. Which one thing would you like to learn for yourself?
  5. What was the costliest thing that you have bought for yourself till date?
  6. Who is your favorite actress?
  7. Which one thing were you always afraid to ask your parents?
  8. Which place would you like to visit alone?
  9. At what time do you wake up & go to sleep?
  10. Do you take any medicines? For what?
  11. What would you like to do in your free time?
  12. Name any one vegetable that you dislike.
  13. How far is your office from our home?
  14. Can you touch your toes? Show me that
  15. Have you ever participated in any fancy dress competition? Which character did you play?
  16. Have you ever failed any school/college exam?
  17. Do you enjoy your work?
  18. Which sports match would you like to watch live in a stadium?
  19. If I want to gift you a toy, which one would it be?
  20. Who is your best friend?

Questions father can ask to children

  1. Who is your favorite teacher?
  2. Who are your best friends?
  3. Which one thing do you dislike about your school? Why?
  4. How many Rotis do you eat for lunch?
  5. Which is your favorite vegetable?
  6. What’s your class and role number?
  7. What would you like to purchase if I give you 100 Rs.?
  8. On which social media would you like to create your account in future?
    For those children who are already using social media, question could be
    Which is your favorite social media? Have you sent me a friend request? Or do you follow me?
  9. Which one thing do you think I should change about myself?
  10. Do you feel void at night?
  11. Which one toy would you like to play with for a lifetime?
  12. Do you feel safe when in your school bus/van?
  13. Whose visit to our home makes you happy?
  14. What did you play today?
  15. Do you like maths or painting?

Click to download the print ready question template with space to answer.

35 questions’ print-ready template
Good to go?
Hope you will have a wonderful conversation together..

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