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Our national flag instils an emotion of pride and honour in the Indians. It has also been a symbol of revolution in several movements from time to time. From freedom fighters of the centuries to the youth of today’s nation, we all are united together with this feeling of patriotism through our national symbols.

This Republic Day, on 26th of January, our team at Havi, ran a nationwide campaign for Indians to understand, what do the colors of our national flag inspire them for?

The campaign was quite successful as we received answers from people of varied age groups, gender and states from our community, showcasing the true meaning of unity in diversity.

Some of the answers are shared as follows:

  • Aarohi – serve for India
  • Vaibhav Goti – Gratitude
  • Raju Padia – to be Indian
  • Timsi Vichhi – Be energetic
  • Santosh Mathew – Jay Hind
  • Timir Gandhi – Have Strength
  • Parag Mehta – Live and grow
  • Amit Srivastav – Innovate More
  • Krupa JK – lead the life colourfully
  • Vineet Agarwal – Embrace Diversity
  • Rupal jogi – Mąkę my country proud
  • Dharmendra Pandya – Become Brave
  • Prateek Hindocha: Have a global identity
  • Nilkanth Rajyaguru – Be honest and forgive
  • Saloni pallavi Sharma – white to have peace
  • Bhupendra Jadeja – Help more people to grow
  • Rahul Dangar – contribute more for our country
  • Manish Naiya – This reminds me of who we are
  • Hina Padia – Dedicate, whole heart commitment
  • Himanshu Shaparia – Be a more responsible citizen
  • Shardul Agravat – Work hard for the growth of my country
  • Sekhar – improve my imagination, creativity, stimulate happiness
  • Harsh Vaid – To contribute towards country whatever I can do at my level
  • Arvind – Be a true leader and do something to the society that makes our nation better

This drive may appear random at a random hour. However, a careful look at these answers helped us understand, we are a determined, united, dedicated, innovative, creative and courageous lot who love their nation and everything related to it. And this insight in itself is such a powerful insight for each one of us.

Don’t you agree?

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