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Last week was amazing! had a booth at the Bengaluru Tech Summit, which happened in Bengaluru between the 16th to 18th of November.

The event was remarkable for two reasons.

  1. That was the first time had been exhibiting at any trade fair.
  2. That was the 25th edition of the summit itself.

While Asia’s largest tech summit has been celebrating its silver jubilee, a new-born has just started walking on the street.

Countless people have visited’s booth and many of them have purchased our robotics & creativity toys on the spot or booked for later shipping.

Here I would like to share some happy feelings with a few incidents and photos.

1) It was day one. We were just opening up the booth, and were trying to find places to put everything we wanted to showcase. Someone came in, saw the boxes of Havi toys, and picked DIY Robotic Car Kit to buy. Now that was very quick. Were not prepared and nothing was in order. The team members started looking for kits, order forms, QR code for payments, and cards. The man, though in a hurry, told us peacefully.

“It’s Okay, you just take this payment and note my number, contact me back later to get the shipping address to deliver to my home”.

That is so much trust.

And we do everything to keep that trust intact.

2) The other interesting case happened in the afternoon. A parent came, and like every other visitor, found Havi’s robotic toys very useful for kids and families. He wanted to gift Havi’s toy to his son on his upcoming birthday, that’s the 31st of January 2023. He paid for the DIY Object sensor projects kit and requested that we ship this on the 25th of January.

Now that was almost 70 days ahead. That was again something we have never thought about.

Someone is putting trust in us, paying us upfront, and leaving with a belief we will fulfill his moment at the right time. And we are committed to making it happen.

Hey…. By the way, can you drop us a message on the 25th of January 2023 to remind us of the same? Need your help, please!

3) A young man came to our booth and picked one of the most sought-after goodies in the exhibition,’s bookmarks. Yes, we have been giving away bookmarks with interesting questions, facts, and riddles in them.

The youngster kept looking for more and more bookmarks, and finally picked one Riddling Cards pack to buy.

What he said before leaving gave us goosebumps.

“One of your bookmarks asks about the most interesting place one has visited so far in 2022. So this place, this booth of is the most interesting place I have visited so far in 2022”.

That’s chilling, no? Watch him in the video.


4) This one is not about an individual but many of them, at least 10 of them.

Yes, at least 10 of the visitors would have told us the following statement.

“I wish I had these havi robotics kit while I was a child, I would have been doing something different!”

Are we really shaping a better future? The team would look at each other, smile, would leave the doubts aside, and would start entertaining the new visitor with a new level of energy.

Enough enough. I Will conclude this blog now before it goes too long, because we have many such happy memories within just 3 days.

Hope to see you too, in person, somewhere soon.

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