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Create the divine disc (Halo) you see behind Ganesh

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You would have seen the Halo, a divine lightning circle behind the head of Ganesh, Krishna and other gods. Let’s create one behind ganesh this Ganesh chaturthi.

You can make this creation using Havi’s robotics kit for beginners.

What you need?


Power – 1

Motor – 1


Geared motors – 1

Craft material:


Printing paper


Cutter/ scissors

Double sided tape

The making

Step 1

Download this disc and take a print. Cut the disc out and stick on a hard sheet or cardboard to make the disc stronger.

Download printable version
divine disc using dc motor
Step 2

Prepare the circuit, power-motor. Pierce the wheel so the motor shaft remains tight inside the hole. Use some glue if required to make it stable.

divine disc using dc motor
Step 3

Use blocks, boxes or other material available with you to prepare a stand to hold the motor. Check the photo for your reference.

divine disc making using dc motor
And that’s it!

Your divine circle is ready. Worship the divinity and ask them to bless you for more creations.

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