Robotics in schools

Free Robotics workshops for financially weak learners

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Havi’s Robotics kit for schools is making a significant impact on the Robotics ant STEAM learning into schools.

Yes as a robotics startup company we aim and dream for financial success. The number of elements we sell is closely linked to the impact we make on our customers, society as well as our financial growth.

But is that all? There is a vast community where we are not able to reach as a business, but they deserve to know and get exposure to the future technology and learnings.

Hence we have decided to conduct free robotics learning workshops for financially underprivileged learners. We have been doing this in the 75th year of India’s independence and this will be our tiny contribution to India@75 and the growth of the future.

The journey begins.

Workshop #1:

1st December 21

Location: Smile center, a community school run under the IIMA flyover at Ahmedabad.

21 boys and girls of age 13-14 participated in this workshop.


OMG, I made an #ElectricCar! Let’s have the race now.

These words and the shine in their eyes were clear evidence of their sense of achievement. Learning and making robots, EV and smart gadgets using हवि elements give confidence to learners, and you can see that confidence on their faces.

robotics in schools
Workshop #2 & #3

8th December 21

Location: Astha foundation, Nikol, Ahmedabad.

25 girls of 9th standard in workshop #2
26 girls in workshop #3


Who wants to learn science and engineering further?

We asked this question to these girls and it was shocking to know that none of them were willing to learn that. Yeah none of them.

After playing with Havi elements for an hour the same question was repeated and the response was yes from all of them. Yeah, all of them.

robotics in schools
Workshop #4

11th December 21

Location: Lapkaman prathmik shala, Village lapkaman, Gujarat

23 boys and girls participated in this workshop.


This workshop happened on a saturday. As per the feedback from the teacher, less kids join the school on saturday. Mostly because it would be for half the time and parents may prefer kids to join them for some work for full day instead.

While playing with havi elements and making robotics projects, kids were eager to mention this to their absent friends. Would make them sorry for not coming to school.

Infact teachers were convinced that this would be best thing they can have to bring students at school.

robotics in schools
Workshop #5

1st January 22

Location: Sneha foundation, Khedutvas, Bhavnagar.

16 boys and girls participated in this workshop.


The foundation is doing fantastic job of engaging 500+ children of extremely poor and backward portion of society into mainstream education.

Robots, Electronics and even science were very much new even as terms for them. But Making projects and playing with elements bought a lot of curiosity and joy to them. And for us, there can not be a better start of 2022.

After this workshop, at Havi, we have become even more confident in our belief that havi’s robotics kits are a great way to self learn the Science, Engineering, Robotics & Technology.

Happy to contribute in ‘Azadi ka amrut mahotsav’. But that’s not the end. We are eager to conduct more such robotics workshops. Contact here for more details. After all, here to raise the creators..Inspire to create & perform, for everyone, at all ages.

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