Dos and Don’ts During Online Classes

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Does and Dont online classes

At Havi, we believe that an enriching experience of a virtual classroom is when you understand the technology better and you know how you can keep the accesses limited and classrooms private in an online world.

We are sharing some dos and don’ts during online classes with you! Here you go.

  1. Try to join early by 10 minutes.
  2. Rename yourself to your real name.
  3. Stay muted during the class unless it’s your turn to speak up.
  4. Be on camera for your thorough involvement.
  5. Dress up neat and tidy for your classes.
  6. Choose a quiet place for your class.
  7. Set up a dedicated space for your setup.
  8. If you’re leaving the class in the middle of the session, it’s courteous to keep your teacher informed beforehand.
  9. You should know that you can be the zoom moderator of your class. It means if you’re the administrator of zoom for your class,
    1. You would only add people you know as your classmates or who are invited.
    2. You would lock the virtual classroom so that no one unwanted could enter the classroom or distract the audience.
  10. Don’t open links unless you trust the sources. We can’t emphasize more on this point. This has been mentioned multiple times for the reason, this is really really important. Trust us.
  11. Don’t download random files, unless shared by your teacher in the virtual classroom.
  12. Be mindful of the photos, videos, or any other files you’re sharing with everyone in the classroom. Pause and think, is this data to be shared with all?
  13. Don’t annotate anything on the screen or unnecessarily use the screen share option unless asked for.
  14. Be mindful of the chat option. Don’t send messages to everyone if it’s meant privately for the teacher. Also, don’t send unnecessary private messages to any fellow students.
  15. In case, someone is bothering you in a virtual class, you can report the user.

Hope these tips help you in administering the virtual classes better and keeping your class experience a private experience. Virtual classrooms are not only the play of the child. It’s better if the parents can accompany their child most of the time.

Sharing below some tips for the parents as well, so that their child can experience smooth virtual class learning.

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