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DIY Chariot for Rath Yatra using Havi Elements

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Puri Jagannath Rathyatra is approaching and we are definitely going out to see the giant chariot and a super long yatra with exciting floats. And yes, we can definitely make our own Chariot (Rath) using Robotics kit for beginners.

Let’s start.

What do you need?


Power – 1
Motor – 2


Car plate
Wheels – 2
Geared motors – 2
Roller wheel – 1
Power bank and usb cable

Craft material:

Double side tape
Paper straws
Construction papers

The making

Step 1

There are two portions of this creation.

1. The elements car that drives the chariot
2. Chariot

Please have a look at How to make a car using Havi elements and make your car first.

Step 2

Chariot should be made using cardboard, construction paper and straws. Here comes the creativity of the creator and the supporting educator if any (parent or teacher).

Make a beautiful chariot using the craft material that looks good to you. Find the photographs for inspiration here.

diy rathyatra chariot
diy rathyatra chariot
Step 3

Depending on the size of your chariot, you may need more wheels than you have in your elements box.

You can make wheels out of cardboard. Simply cut the cardboard in a perfect round.

diy rathyatra chariot
Use skewers and straws to create the axle of the two connecting wheels.

diy rathyatra chariot making
diy rathyatra chariot making
NOTE: Adults must accompany younger kids while working with scissors cutters and sticky material.

Here is how your chariot would move.

Hero’s creation

One of the Havi Heroes Havisha has created a wonderful chariot and outclassed the creation you have just seen above. Checkout her work and you will be convinced.

Havisha chariot
Future projects

Many other real vehicles run in combination of “Engine-wagon”.


  1. Train engine and wagons
  2. Truck and trolley
  3. Tractor and trolley

Try to make these vehicles and learn the following concepts.

  1. You need a powerful engine to carry the chariot
  2. Make sure the friction is less. Rubber wheels would move faster than cardboard wheels.
  3. Importance of axle in a wheel.

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