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Carnival ride model using Havi Elements

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Remember the place where you enjoyed carnival ride the most? Imagica, Wonderla, Science city or the local vacation fair? You might be fond of that swing carnival ride or would be afraid of sitting in one, but creating a carnival ride model at home is not scary at all. In-fact, it’s a joyful experience.

Yes, in this blog post, we are going to make a carnival ride model. This can be presented in your school projects and science projects as well. But first….

What is a carnival ride?

Carnival ride is a mechanical device that has chair/seats in it, where people can sit & enjoy the thrilling rotation of the wheel. Mostly, seen in amusement parks, children parks and city fairs. These are known as Silly symphony swings, swing carnival ride and amusement ride aswell.

How to make a carnival ride?

We will make a carnival ride model using construction papers and havi elements. You can make this using these robotics kits.

What will you need?

Power – 1
Motor – 1

Geared motor -1
Powerbank with usb cable – 1

Craft material:
Card paper
Construction papers
Paper straw
Cello tape
Double sided tape
Thread or wire ties

The making
You can draw the shapes on construction papers yourself or can download the templates given at the end of the post. Print them directly on construction paper or print on regular paper and paste on thin cardboard.

1. Ceiling of carnival ride

Step 1
Cut the card paper to make a triangle with flaps of defined measurement. Make 6 triangles with these extra flaps.

carnival ride model step 1

Step 2
Fold the flaps of the triangles from the pencil marks. You can see that now the triangle is formed properly.

carnival ride model step 2

Step 3
Stick the folded edges with each other using glue. Stick all the 6 triangles with each other to make the ceiling for carnival ride.

carnival ride model making step 3

carnival ride model making step 4

Step 4
From another card paper. Draw a hexagon and cut it using a scissor. Draw connecting lines using pencil from hexagon edges.

Stick the hexagon along with the ceiling.

carnival ride model making step 5

carnival ride model making step 6

carnival ride model making step 7

2. Swings of carnival ride

Step 5
Draw or take print of following object. Cut on the outlines and and fold the shape. Glue to bind the joins. You have made one seat. Need to make 6.

carnival ride model making step 7

Step 6
Use a string or thin paper strip to hang the seat along the ceiling. Stick the thread with paper straw. Repeat the process to make 6 swings.

carnival ride model making step 8

carnival ride model making step 9

3. Assembly of swings & ceiling

Step 7
Stick the paper straw on the hexagon side of the ceiling surface.

carnival ride model making step 10

Step 8
Make an insertion for the motor shaft and stick it along with the ceiling.

carnival ride model making step 11

carnival ride model making step 13

4. Circuit of carnival model

Step 9
Snap the Elements to make the circuit: Power + Motor. Connect the circuit with the powerbank.

diy toy car step 2 making

Step 10
Stick the circuit over the power bank using double-sided tape. Connect the geared motor with Motor Element.

diy toy car step 3 making

Step 11
Stick the geared motor on opposite side of usb cable connection of powerbank.

carnival ride model making step 14

Step 12
Push the cable side part of powerbank into that roll. The handle to balance the carnival ride is ready.

Step 13
Insert the geared motor shaft to the paper roll fixed on ceiling of ride.

carnival ride making model step 15

The carnival ride model is ready.

carnival ride model

Step 14
Decorate it as per your choice.

decorate carnival ride

How does carnival ride model work?

When you switch on the Power Element, the power bank passes the stored current to the Power Element. Subsequently, the Power Element transfers the current to the connected Motor Element, providing the necessary power for the rotation of the attached geared motor. Once the DC geared motor initiates, the connected card ceiling begins to rotate, causing the carnival ride to rotate or move.

Make your own carnival ride using Havi Elements and be ready to present in the next school project.

Carnival ride templates

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