IR Sensor Add-on: Level 2


Great..! You have already completed the 7 projects of Havi Elements – DIY Smart Lighting Kit..! Now, Introduce IR sensor to yourself and increase your creation count to 27 using this customized robotics kit.

Ships within 24 hours

Free shipping across India

Shipping across the world

15 days no questions asked return

Made in India

3 months warranty

Free gift wrapping

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Who can purchase this kit?

All those who already own Havi Elements – DIY Smart Lighting Kit and now would like to level up in the journey of robotics, can purchase this customized kit.

Make 12 creations

  • Smart basketball hoop – Wooden plates Provided
  • Fitness tracker – Template Provided
  • Water overflow alarm – Template Provided
  • Touch-less doorbell – Paint the provided template
  • Fire alarm – Paint the provided template
  • Music player – Do with circuit
  • Door open/close detector – Do with circuit
  • Passerby detector – Do with circuit
  • Checking the range of IR sensor – Do with circuit
  • TV Remote tester – Do with circuit
  • Accident prevention system at hairpin curves – Moonshot project
  • Blind friend smart stick – Moonshot project

Other combination creations with Smart Lighting Kit

  • Object lift detector
  • Smart morning alarm
  • Smart post box
  • Smart streetlight using IR sensor
  • Dozing driver alert mechanism
  • Music player using light sensor
  • School bag open detector
  • Cupboard open detector

The creations’ journey

  • DIY Smart Lighting Kit creations = 7
  • Customized kit creations = 12
  • Combination creations = 8
  • Total creations = 27

Major learning concept

Infrared sensor and its real-life applications.

How is it beneficial than purchasing Havi Elements – DIY Object Sensor Projects Kit?

  • Cost is major benefit. You are getting this customized kit at Rs. 993/- only, which is way lesser than Havi Elements – DIY Object Sensor Projects Kit(Price: Rs. 1470/-)
  • No duplication of elements & accessories.

Caution: You can purchase this only if you are already having Havi Elements – DIY Smart Lighting Kit. The power element & powerbank should be in working condition.

Product specification

What’s in the box

1 – Buzzer element
1 – IR element pair with 3-pin cable (Infrared sensor)
1 – A set of wooden plates to make smart basketball hoop
1 – Template set to make fitness gadget
1 – Card to decorate fire alarm
1 – Card to decorate touch-less door bell
1 – Template set to make water overflow alarm
Rubber bands
User manual

Total items in the box


Packing instructions

The kit will be packed in a plastic container or a corrugated box.


Who can purchase this kit?

For all those who are already using Havi Elements – DIY Smart Lighting Kit (With power element & powerbank in working condition) can purchase this kit. If you are a fresh buyer, we would recommend you to visit.

Is there any warranty?

Yes, we offer a 3 months warranty and will repair or replace the specific element if there is any failure. Warranty does not cover physical breakage, damage caused by liquids or fire.

Do you ship in my city?

We ship across the world.

Is shipping free or do we need to pay extra?

Shipping across India is free. We charge a separate shipping cost outside India. Contact us to know the cost of shipping in your country.

What age is it appropriate for?

Havi Elements are suitable to be used by anyone above age 7.

Aren’t children too young to play with and learn robotics?

Are phones made for children? Do today’s 6th standard teach the same maths that was taught to their parents in their 6th standard? No. Knowledge and skills travel faster and younger people do learn new things faster, provided you give the right platform.

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