Machine Learning for Kids


How does weather prediction work?

How the computer categorizes our emails? 

How Netflix helps us choose the right movie?!

The answer to these questions is Machine Learning. Yes, the machine learns to do all these tasks and does it almost perfectly like a machine. 

We discuss in detail how it works the varied applications of Machine Learning with kids in the class.

Class Summary:

02:45 – Why do kids confuse between Orca and Dolphin

04:35 – The story of Orca Whales

10:25 – How is technology is used to save Orca Whales?

14:40 – How do we learn Machine learning

15:30 – Using machine learning to save Orcas

19:00 – Q & A about Machine learning

20:35 – Discussion and kids’ ideas about the application of Machine learning

24:12 – Difference between coding and training the machine

25:35 – Using machine learning to track natural disasters

27:45 – 4 form of content using which machine can be trained

30:50 – Machine learning to detect social distance and masks

32:25 – Machine learning for defense & security

34:04 – Machine learning for space exploration

34:30 – Machine learning for traffic problems

36:05 – Machine learning for health

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Havi Camp

[time_change], 6 PM IST, on zoom call.

A class of Technology and future skills for age 5 to 15.

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