Evolution of Hard Disk Drive (HDD)

Last Updated on 30/01/23

We tried to take the kids on a tour of the evolution of computer storage & memory.  

Computer memory is any physical device capable of storing information temporarily like RAM or permanently like Hard Disk Drives.

Kids of this era, who are used to 100s of GBs of storage on their mobile phones itself, could not comprehend the journey the memory has gone through. 

The first HDD invented in 1956 with a memory capacity of 5 MB (Cannot even hold one high-quality image). It was so huge and bulky that it took many men to move it around.

In 1980, IBM introduced a hard disk called IBM 3380. That was the first HDD with 1 GB+ capacity. It could save upto 2.52 GB text data. The cost? Up to 1,42,000 USD only. LOL. compare it with tens of GBs of free storage we get at different platforms.

IBM 3380
Image Credits: IBM
And then, there are the present-day hard disks with 10 TB capacity which can hold up to at least 10000 HD movies. Small enough to fit in one’s palm.

hard disc
Both of these were compared to show kids how far we have come in terms of technology.  This was also to kindle their imagination of how far we can still go and what all can we still achieve with the thirst to learn and improve.

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