Electromagnetism for Kids

Last Updated on 30/01/23

Magnets are the first scientific toys most kids experience and play with. The way magnets attract and repel other magnetic objects is so fascinating even for adults. 

We all have tried putting a few nails( or paper clips/keys) near a magnet and see it get pulled towards the magnet. And thought the magnet is the only magical object with this property for a very long time.

But electricity can exert the same force as magnets and electricity and magnetism are actually the 2 sides of the same coin – Electromagnetism.

Electric motors are the best examples of electromagnets. We discuss the same in the class with the example of another huge magnet that is earth.

Class Summary:

1:33 – Why does the motor attract key(iron)?

2:58 – Reel of copper wire – a coil

3:29 – Copper coil inside the motor

4:08 – Magnetic fields created by rotating copper coil inside motor

4:36 – What’s the biggest magnet

4:40 – Earth is a huge magnet with north and south poles

5:15 – Uses of Earth’s magnetism

5:56 – How has earth become a magnet?

6:46 – Earth’s intersection


7:11 – Earth’s parts – Inner core, outer core, mantle, crust

8:03 – Outer core is a liquid made of lava (this is what comes out when volcanoes erupt)

8:38 – Outer core liquid rotates with the earth’s rotation

9:45 – This rotation creates a power which in turn creates attraction and makes the earth a giant magnet

10:05 – Sample principle applies to the motor – rapid rotation of coil create magnetism.

10:31 – Answering questions

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