What is a Light Sensor – Explanation for Kids


You enter your room, switch the lights on, and hear a buzzing noise. 

You turn around and see the window blinds getting shut by themselves.

*Insert scary background score*

Spooky… ain’t it?!

Wouldn’t that be a nice horror movie plot now? 

Well, we being more of educators than directors, will go on to find the phenomenon behind those automatic on off lights and things.

Light sensors or photo sensors detect the surrounding light and transforms it into an electric signal.

In the class, we discuss the light sensors responsible for such spooky activities and their other amazing applications.

Class Summary:

0:14 – Introducing Havi Elements to kids

1:39 – Creating a circuit by connecting power, sensor, and output elements

2:09 – Provide power to the power element

3:30 – Showcasing an experiment using light sensor and buzzer

4:41 – Circuit explanation

5:20 – Showing the same experiment with LED lights instead of a buzzer

6:35 – Applications of light sensors

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