How to Train a Computer


“Sit, Buddy! Sit, sit, sit! Good Boy.

Here you go, there’s your treat.”

That’s familiar. Isn’t it? We have all very often trained our dogs this way. Well, it might have taken a good few of us a month or so to actually get there. 

But the point is, dogs do finally learn. And they learn by experience.

Training machines or computers ain’t much different. Except they don’t salivate at the sight of treats.

But computers or machines in general also learn by experience. 

In the class, we discuss how training a computer works in detail.

Class Summary:

6:18 – How can we teach computers?

8:16 – How could you teach a rat in a maze to come out of it? 

9:30 – How to train a cat to always press a lever while passing the path.

11:25 – Through experience is how we train cats, dogs, and rats

12:17 – How can we train a computer to recognize a color?

14:02 – Guessing the body part of an animal in cropped images

20:55 – Concept of training the computer

23:17 – A program to teach an AI machine if the provided images are fish or not

25:15 – Confusing the AI

28:50 – Next Havi Camp topic – Golden Ratio

29:00 – Homework for the week 

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